I love to share my training and knowledge of Perinatal Mental Health, and trauma treatments with colleagues and graduate students. Please feel free to contact me for clinical supervision needs, consultation (Perinatal, EMDR, Progressive Counting), or if you, or your organization is interested in training with a focus on Trauma-Informed Care, or Perinatal Mental Health.

Progressive Counting – LIVE Online Interactive Workshop 2023-24

Link to register: Nov23.Progressive Counting (

November 1st and 2nd, 2023:  10am – 6pm EST
November 3rd, 2023:  10am – 2pm
December 6th and 7th, 2023:  10am – 6pm
December 8th, 2023:  10am – 2pm
January 16th, 2024:  10am – 2pm
February 27th, 2024:  10am – 2pm
March 20th 2024:  10am – 2pm
April 9th, 2024:  10am – 2pm

Our Staff is available for hourly to full day training on a variety of topics. Request a Training here:

Laura Ott is an expert trauma and perinatal mental health provider, consultant, and trainer with more than a decade of experience providing healing therapy and support to clients and clinicians. She has advanced training in Perinatal Mental Health, and trauma treatments including EMDR and Progressive Counting. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New York (089231), Laura offers individual and group supervision sessions for clinicians working towards NYS licensure or certification in trauma modalities (PC, EMDR). She also supports therapists venturing into private practice, and for those who are already licensed, but seeking ongoing clinical support.

Individual Supervision/Consultation Registration:

PC Group Consultation Registration:

Perinatal Group Consultation Registration:

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