Meet C. River-Aaerin

I utilize a compassionate, person-centered approach. I genuinely care for my clients. Their strengths, hopes, dreams, and successes genuinely excite me. I know it takes a great deal of courage to come to therapy and open up about past trauma. It takes great deal of strength to move forward past obstacles, so everyone who has the courage to step into my office (or virtual office) impresses me! I enjoy working with the LGBTQ+ community, trauma, borderline personality disorder, and dissociation. I am trained in Progressive Counting and Internal Family Systems work for trauma treatment. My specialization is relationship therapy.

I am of the LGBTQ+ community myself. In relationship work, though I’ve spent roughly half of my life monogamous and half polyamorous, I hold both lifestyles in equal esteem and won’t push you either direction. They both can be beautiful, loving, and legitimate. I am happy to help you make your relationship of choice work for you in a personalized way. I am NOT about taking sides, mediation of fights, or making compromises; rather, my hope is to help you understand each other better, help you reconnect and start communicating better, and open up possibilities you may not have considered. 

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